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About us:

Eloli is an award-winning luxury African fashion brand. Eloli means "it is beautiful" in Bafaw, a language spoken in Cameroon. We inspire the Eloli man and woman to live life in colour, texture and print.

The Eloli woman and man stands out from the crowd with their adventurous and confident nature. A man and woman of the world, they are glamorous with a chic and unique style allowing them to revel in being the centre of attention.

Meet the designers:

Headed by 3 sisters, Dibo, Sume and Fese, the brand incorporates our love for vibrant colour and pattern. Through Eloli we channel our shared passion introducing a contemporary African aesthetic to everyday design. Living in 3 different cities on three different continents we are inspired by our heritage and remain forward looking in our designs. 


Our logo includes "Eloli" in an elegant cursive. At the end of the cursive "E"  sits Eloli written in Shumom script, a system of pictographic writing developed in the 19th-century by Sultan Ibrahim Njoya for writing the Bamun language (Cameroon). The entire logo is a nod to the past and a look to the future.