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As a Cameroonian clothing brand, we decided from the inception to use our craft, platform and voice to help put Cameroon in particular and Africa as a whole on the map!

One of the ways we do this is by using our dialect every chance we get starting with our brand name, Eloli which means ‘It is beautiful’. As Bafaw women from Kumba, we name our collection and some designs in Bafaw.
So once again following ‘Aming’ (Aiming higher) we present to you our newest Collection, ´Eteni’ (Balance).

‘Balance’ because the world has been going through so many changes following the advent of Covid-19. For a while the sun didn’t seem to shine as bright as it should have. However it is that quiet place that we dug deep to find balance that would make us resilient. This is depicted through the use of both bright and sombre color palettes and the references to nature throughout the collection from animal prints and tones to cloud like silhouettes.

Our collection represents the cycle of life; full of ups and downs but still worth living!