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Fashion Revolution Day - Who makes our bags

Posted on April 24 2014

As a young independent designer label we are constantly thinking about how to grow our label in a sustainable and ethical way. As individuals we have a deep commitment to fairness, equity and social justice. So what does all this mean for us as a brand?

A week ago, we were having this very conversation with a close friend and talked about the Bangladesh factory collapse. Tragedies like that remind us to question how our clothes made and by whom. On the same evening as we watched a taping of "From Louboutins to Landfills" a talk hosted at the Southbank Centre one of the speakers mentioned Fashion Revolution Day 

In commemoration of the factory collapse in Bangladesh and in a continued commitment to sustainability and ethical practices... meet our makers.

Where do our materials come from?

We source our fabrics from Cameroon. The majority of fabrics in our collections are produced by CICAM the largest textile manufacturer in the country.

Our leather is sourced locally.

Who makes our bags?

Our bags are made in workshops in Toronto, Yaounde and London supervised by our team of designers. On any given day you can find us actively taking part in production.

For our "made in Toronto" collections we work with an independent manufacturer who has been in business for over 30 years. We work closely with Berje and his team to ensure that our vision is produced to the highest standards and under excellent working conditions. In Yaounde our atelier is carefully supervised as we collaborate with skilled ans talented makers.

We continue to work to ensure that the people who make our bags are adequately compensated as we produce beautifully vibrant pieces.

We believe in excellent craftmanship, ethical labour, local production and sourcing and never compromising design and beauty of the final piece.