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Cameroon Tribune: Eloli making style beautiful

Posted on December 21 2023

Eloli means "it is beautiful" in Bafaw, from the South West Province.

The award-winning brand was created by three sisters Sume, Fese and Dibo as a result of a childhood dream which was nurtured and supported by their mother.

Through Eloli designs, the ladies have channeled their shared passion introducing a contemporary African aesthetic to everyday design. Living in 3 different cities on three different continents has also inspired their heritage to create designs with a global appeal. Through a showroom and boutique in Yaoundé the Eloli girls have been able to sell their brand to fashion lovers.

Eloli designs are also sold through social media. The brand is sold online through a website and delivery is made worldwide. through other retailers, with delivery all around the world. During pop-up events the brains behind the brand give opportunities to their customers to shop in person and experience special discounts, styling sessions and personalised fittings.

Dibo Ndumbe-Eyoh says the quality and style sets their products apart. « We use high quality fabrics with a strong design aesthetic to create pieces that are beautifully finished. A lot of care and passion goes into our garments and it shows. There is a distinct sense of style that sets you apart when you wear our pieces. », Dibo explained.

Lovers of the Eloli brand are usually amazed at their end products. Recently a new client said ‘Vu de près les designs sont encore plus beaux’ ( Seen closely, the designs are even more beautiful), Dibo revealed. She added that it was wonderful to see that people are interested in showcasing their creations in major fashion capitals like New York,  Paris and Milan.

One of the sisters, Fese was recently awarded the Leading Woman in Creative Arts by the Forum Economique des Femmes Leaders D’Afrique. The brand also recently won the top award for the Fashionomics Africa programme of the African Development Bank. Also Lionesses of Africa ( a pan- African network for female entrepreneurs) has featured Eloli designs a few times calling it a unique brand with ‘stand-out’ African style’. Eloli has been featured in major publications like Vogue, Elle and Glamour.

by Brenda Yufeh

Cameroon Tribune